Sterling Innovations, Inc. Business Management & Support  

"Dale is the best I know at his business"
E. Richards, VP, TechnoGeneral

"MDM, and especially I, appreciate the hard work and exacting work that you have done for us.  Your services have been worth every penny."
F. Faery, COO, MDM Serv.

How Sterling Can Help
  • Increase Operating Income
  • Improve Business Practices
  • Create Contracting Advantages
  • Enhance Growth Opportunities
  • Establish Risk Reductions

"Sterling Innovations is a First Rate company and I highly recommend using their services for any
Government business needs."  
D. Durham, VP, Fluor

"Dale,  Thank you and to Sterling Innovations for your support on our recent GSA contract approval.  Our ability to sell directly to the Federal Government was our largest growth initiative for the year.  Your helping us achieve that goal is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for coming in on-time and on-budget!  Your staff demonstrated exemplary support for the duration of the project…Best Regards,"
Dave Wilmot, President, Rapid Technologies, Inc.